Kevin Rathbun | Rathbun’s/Kevin Rathbun Steak

KEVIN RATHBUN: Kevin is the owner of Rathbun’s and in 2004, Kevin Rathbun opened his namesake restaurant, Rathbun’s, then Krog Bar (2005), and then Kevin Rathbun Steak (2007). And today, Kevin continues to be a pivotal and driving force in the local and national restaurant scene.

At Rathbun’s, Kevin incorporated his take on Modern American Cuisine with a menu that expands to over fifty menu items along with specials every night.  His insight to what his guests desire have turned most of the menu items into staples.  His features of raw “crudo” plates were one of the first to be seen in Atlanta, and his listing of “small plates” expands to over fifteen items. His entree consist of “big plates” and “second mortgage plates” and range in menu pricing of $15.00 to $39.00.  The signature items are the scallops, the lobster taco, the 20 oz. Ribeye with blue cheese, and the veal chop with sweet corn Gouda.  Added to that is Kevin’s list of signature side plates that range from the cabbage carbonara to the cauliflower mash.

At Krog Bar, after visiting Spain, Kevin returned with a vision of an intimate wine bar with small tapas plates.  Working along with the restaurant designers and architects, he opened Krog Bar and did just that.  He incorporated all types of Spanish style cuisines into a menu and atmosphere, which has some of the same staples as day one and now features daily specials of hot plates. Krog Bar’s intimate interior adds to the warmth of dining in this award winning Spanish style wine bar.

At Kevin Rathbun Steak, Kevin took on his biggest endeavor to date.  Only one and a half block from Rathbun’s and Krog Bar, Kevin found an old cotton warehouse and turned it into one of the Top Steakhouses in The U.S. (Details Magazine). Kevin Rathbun Steak features Prime steaks from Allen Brothers in Chicago along with a menu that expands to over fifty items. Kevin wanted this steakhouse to have the “new modernized atmosphere and menu” of a steakhouse and he did that by incorporating more seafood, alternative meats, new and creative appetizers and a list of over fifteen sides.  The incorporation of local produce and a completely chef driven menu with organic meats and heritage bred animals has continued to keep this restaurant as one of the top new steakhouses in the United States.

Kevin’s background started in humble beginnings in Kansas City, where he started working as a dishwasher at Sambo’s.

He has worked with celebrity chefs and restaurateurs such as Bradley Ogden, Emeril Lagasse, Stephen Pyles, Ella Brennan and Pano Karratossos and he has perfected not only his technique in the kitchen, but his passion for owning and operating his own businesses.

While Kevin was Chef at Baby Routh in Dallas, it received the DiRona award for dining excellence. His drive and passion landed him the chef’s position at Nava in Atlanta where he brought Southwestern food cuisine to the city of Atlanta. Nava became an instant hit and was noticed both locally and nationally, and since 1995 has been continuously voted one of the top five restaurants in the city.

Earning Esquire Magazines “Top New Restaurant” for Nava was a highlight, as was being the Corporate Chef of the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group. While there, overseeing NAVA, BluePointe, Kyma, and The Buckhead Diner, his list of accolades continued to add up which propelled him to go out on his own.

In May of 2004, Kevin opened his namesake restaurant “Rathbun’s” in Atlanta. It opened to critical acclaim and was voted by Esquire Magazine as one of the “Top New Restaurants in the Country”. Since the inception of Rathbun’s, Kevin has opened a second and third restaurant Krog Bar and Kevin Rathbun Steak. They are located next door to Rathbun’s and a block and a half from Rathbun’s and both have received local and national acclaim.

Kevin resides in Atlanta with his wife, Melissa. In his spare time, he enjoys, philanthropy, reading cookbooks, dining out, fine cigars, traveling and humbly admits that in his next life, he would have a passion for restaurant designing.

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